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Nutritive and Anti – Nutritive Composition of Chanca Piedra (Stone Breaker)

DOI: 10.5923/j.fph.20120202.05

Keywords: Food, Nuritive, Anti-nutrients, Chancapiedra, Stone Breaker

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The fresh plants of Chancapiedra collected from Zuru Emirate of Kebbi State, Nigeria were dried, pulverized and subjected to nutritive and anti-nutritive analysis. The proximate composition revealed the presence of Moisture (0.03±0.06% fresh weight), Ash (5.55 ±0.01% dry weight), Crude Lipid (3.15±0.01% dry weight), Crude Proteins (9.52± 0.02% dry weight), Crude fibre (17.10±0.14%), Carbohydrate (64.31± 0.18%) and calorific value of 279.18kcal/100g. The mineral composition revealed include Calcium (25.58±1.03mg/100g), Magnesium (25.85±4.03mg/100g), Potassium (12.10 ± 0.10mg/100g), Phosphorus (15.42±3.05mg/100g), Sodium (0.44±0.35mg/100g), Iron (3.1±0.03mg/100g), Manganese (1.27±0.02mg/100g) and Zinc (0.45±1.05mg/100g). The anti-nutritive compositions are Oxalate (5.34±0.4mg/100g), Phytate (27.58±1.7mg/100g), Hydrogen cyanide (16.10±0.14mg/100g), Nitrate (22.42±0.028mg/100g) and Tannins (15.2± 0.13mg/100g). The results revealed that the plant Chancapiedra contained some essential nutrients.


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