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Mineral Profile of Pito from Accra, Tamale, Bolgatanga and Wa in Ghana

DOI: 10.5923/j.fph.20120201.01

Keywords: Pito, Mineral, Concentration, Guideline, Maximum Limit, Recorded

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This study was undertaken to investigate the mineral profile of pito, a traditionally brewed alcoholic beverage popularly consumed along West Coast of Africa. Pito samples from four cities in Ghana namely; Bolgatanga, Tamale, Wa and Accra were analysed for their metal content. Concentrations of Na, K, Mn, Cu and Zn, were measured in all the samples analysed. However, Fe, Ni, Cd and Pb recorded 70%, 83%, 58% and 79% incidence respectively in the samples, but Cr was measured below detection limit in all the samples. The concentrations of Na, K, Mn, Cu, Zn, Fe, Ni, Pb and Cd recorded ranged between 15 to 66mg/L, 581 to 1108mg/L, 0.152 to 0.808mg/L, 0.076 to 0.308mg/L, 0.456 to 0.910mg/L, 0.308 to 2.832mg/L, 0.040 to 0.176mg/L, 0.056 to 0.272mg/L and 0.011 to 0.048mg/L respectively. With the exception of Mn, all the essential minerals measured were below the recommended WHO maximum limits in water. Hence pito is a good source of K, Na, Fe, Cu and Zn. The detected concentrations of Ni, Pb and Cd in the pito samples were however, above the respective maximum WHO guideline in water. Therefore pito is susceptible to metal contamination due to poor handling and primitive equipment used in the production and consumers should be apprehensive of the environs where the pito is prepared.


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