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The Formation of a School Text Genre Using Collaborative Writing

DOI: 10.5923/j.linguistics.20120103.05

Keywords: Literacy, Mother Tongue, Learning Gap

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In this paper I analyze some examples of collaborative writing in Portuguese,as a mother tongue,resulting in the production of a school newspaper characterized by me as ahybrid text genre. In other words, I investigate the mixing of genres in school andnon-school environmentsresulting from the process of writingin the classroom setting. The name ‘hybrid text genre’ is justified by the fact it appearssemioticallysimilar to other textgenres that are familiar to the individuals who took part in the process described here. These genres are formed in part by literacy events that take place in students’ everyday life in different social contexts. In terms of educational planning, the analysis of data shows that one can hardly predict when a text genre willshow similarities to others and that this is triggeredby the actions of the inumerousindividuals in the complex classroom environment, resulting in new usage and reflection about writing. This experience can trigger innovation in the teaching of a mother tongue.


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