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A clinical study of annular cyclitis


Keywords: cyclitis, uveitis, malignant glaucoma

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clinical study of annular cyclitis Original Research (4510) Total Article Views Authors: Marilita Michael Moschos, Yan Guex-Crosier, Ioannis Margetis, Leonidas Zografos Published Date February 2009 Volume 2009:3 Pages 215 - 217 DOI: Marilita Michael Moschos1, Yan Guex-Crosier2, Ioannis Margetis1, Leonidas Zografos2 1Department of Ophthalmology, University of Athens, Greece; 2Jules Gonin Eye Hospital, University of Lausanne, Switzerland Purpose: To investigate six cases of annular cyclitis. Methods: All patients with impairment of visual acuity underwent complete ophthalmologic examination, color fundus photography, laboratory tests and fluorescein angiography. Indocyanine green (ICG) angiography and B-scan ultrasonography were also performed in three cases in order to diagnose the disease. Results: All patients presented a unilateral or bilateral granulomatous uveitis, associated with inflammatory annular cyclitis. They had a shallow anterior chamber, a mildly elevated intraocular pressure (under 25 mm Hg) and an annular serous retinal detachment. A resolution was observed after specific therapy associated with systemic prednisolone therapy and antiglaucomatous drops. Conclusion: This is the first description of an observational study of six patients with inflammatory annular cyclitis.


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