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Acute bronchospasm and resolution captured on dynamic CT


Keywords: acute bronchospasm, dynamic CT, albuterol, physiological response, noninvasive

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cute bronchospasm and resolution captured on dynamic CT Case report (1241) Total Article Views Authors: Amalou H, Wood BJ Published Date October 2012 Volume 2012:5 Pages 61 - 63 DOI: Received: 19 July 2012 Accepted: 09 August 2012 Published: 31 October 2012 Hayet Amalou, Bradford J Wood Center for Interventional Oncology, NIH Clinical Center, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA Abstract: Computed tomography (CT) imaging provides a noninvasive window beneath the skin, defines lung pathology, and facilitates virtual and multimodality fusion interventions. A CT scan of acute bronchospasm is shown during a CT-guided lung intervention. Dynamic or sequential CT imaging can depict and perhaps even quantify acute reversible bronchospasm, and could potentially play a role in better understanding pharmacologic interventions for reactive airways and the resulting effects.


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