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Library User Education Programme for Covenant University Freshmen: Impact, Challenges and Possible Solutions

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This study looked into the various types of user- education offered in Covenant University. These include library orientation, teaching of use of library and study skills, basic bibliographic instructions etc. The research revealed that the highest impact of user education on students is equipping them with good search skills as indicated by 93.9% respondents, acquainting them with available resources and their format as represented by 82.6% and exposing them to library rules and regulations among others. The major challenges hindering students from maximizing user education is that of scheduling library orientation too close to resumption as portrayed by 711 (90.8%) respondents and large number of student participants, resulting in noise. The study recommends that the orientation be scheduled after conclusion of admissions so that all students will benefit from it. More periods should be allocated to the teaching of use of library and study skills as well as that of orientation. The study concludes by encouraging Covenant University library to keep building search skills in its new patrons while making adjustments where necessary. It also encourages other university libraries lacking in this regard to follow suit.


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