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Habitat preference of Roan Antelope (Hippotragus equinus, Desmarest, 1840) In Kainji Lake National Park, Nigeria

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The habitat preference of Roan Antelope was assessed during wet and dry seasons in Borgu sector of Kainji Lake National Park (KLNP) from the month of May 2007 to April 2009. In each of the habitat types, Roans were sighted and counted. Total enumerations of woody plants above one meter in height were carried out taking records of plant species in three (10m x 10m) plots. The collected data were pooled together. The result showed a total of Thirty five plant species and their distribution. The following plant species; Combretum spp, Detarium microcarpum, Grewia mollis and Gardenia spp. occurred in the six habitats types of Roan antelope. Burkea africana, Kigelia africana, Lannea acida, Maytenus senegalensis occurred in five habitat types. In the wet season, 37 Roans were counted in Burkea – Detarium habitat. In the dry seasons, 34 Roans were counted in Burkea – Detarium habitat. The most preferred habitat for Roan Antelope irrespective of season was Burkea – Detarium with 36 Roan antelope as the highest average number observed in the study.


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