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Bythinella hansboetersi Gl er et Pe i , 2006 (Gastropoda: Rissooidea) in Bulgaria: Its Morphology, Molecular Distinctness, and Phylogeography

DOI: 10.2478/v10125-009-0002-3

Keywords: freshwater snails, Bythinella, Bulgaria, morphology, DNA, phylogeography

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For five populations of Bythinella from Bulgaria the shell, penis, and female reproductive organs are figured and briefly described. 27 sequences of COI (mtDNA), and 14 of ITS-1 (rRNA) are used to infer phylogenetic relationships among the studied populations and five Central European Bythinella species. All five studied populations belong to the same species: B. hansboetersi Gl er et Pe i , 2006, which is morphologically and molecularly distinct from B. austriaca earlier reported from Bulgaria. NCA analysis for the COI data revealed a pattern of restricted gene flow with isolation by distance.


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