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Ekologija  2008 

Investigation of temperature dynamics in composted waste

DOI: 10.2478/V10055-008-0010-4

Keywords: organic waste, composting, aerobic process, oxygen

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Waste management is a relevant issue for Lithuania. The municipal waste collection systems are not efficient, the equipment is worn out. The majority of waste that could be reused is disposed in the landfills. One of waste utilisation ways is composting. However, in Lithuania composting is not widely spread, there are just a few enterprises composting food, wood and vegetable wastes. One of such enterprises uses film to accelerate the aerobic process. At the beginning of the aerobic process, the temperature does not rise within the pile for several days, but on the fourth day of the process the temperature starts rising and its recording begins. During 32 days of the aerobic process the temperature in the pile increases to 65-72 °C. On average, 7% of oxygen is necessary for the aerobic process of composting to take place.


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