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Extraction of phenolic compounds from green walnut fruits in different solvents

DOI: 10.2478/v10014-009-0002-4

Keywords: Juglans regia L., ethanol, methanol, juglone, gallic acid, catechin

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The extractive efficiency of phenolic compounds from plant material is greatly depended on the solvent. In our research, methanol and ethanol were used for taking out the phenols from green walnut fruits. The total phenolics and some individual phenolics, such as gallic, chlorogenic, ellagic, sinapic and protocatechuic acid, (+)-catechin and juglone were detected. Total phenolic contents were determined spectrofotometric but individual phenols using HPLC. Amounts of total phenolics were higher when for extraction methanol was used compare to ethanol, in both cultivars, Elit and Franquette. Similar effect of the solvents was observed in the case some individual phenols, such as juglone, (+)- catechin, gallic, protocatechuic and chlorogenic acid. On the contrary, for ellagic and sinapic acid the extraction was better when ethanol was used compare to methanol.


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