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The comparison of number of deaths in accidents with the agriculture and forestry tractors among European countries

DOI: 10.2478/v10014-011-0015-7

Keywords: agriculture tractors, forestry tractors, accidents, deaths in traffic accidents, influence of factors

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Agricultural and forestry tractors are very often involved in accidents with overturning because of their construction with a high centre of gravity. Such accidents are caused by various factors such as drivers, vehicles, driving conditions, or landscape/terrain. The data related to the number of deaths in accidents with agriculture and forestry tractors was collected from several European countries. The landscapes (or terrain) of the countries for tractor traffic was assessed by the coefficient of the topography and the economic development level of the countries was evaluated in terms of the GDP. The correlation analysis among the factors showed us that neither the relief of the country landscape nor the economic development level of the countries have a significant influence on the number of deaths in such accidents. The essential influence is in the legislation for the tractors and drivers. The comparison of three countries (Austria, Slovenia, and Serbia) showed the implementation of legislation in this area and time are needed for reducing the number of deaths by half.


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