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Nonlinear Electrostatic Ion-Acoustic-Like Instabilities in a System with Two Streaming Ion Components Moving in a Background Plasma

DOI: 10.2174/1876534300801010014]

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Finite amplitude Alfvén-cyclotron waves are believed to play an important role in coronal heating and nonthermal properties of velocity distribution functions. These effects are thought to be due to parametrically unstable Alfvén-cyclotron waves and electrostatic bursts of ion-acoustic like waves. It is shown here that large amplitude Alfvéncyclotron waves propagating in multi-ion plasmas with relative drift velocities between the ion-species, can lead to a new type of nonlinear electrostatic ion-acoustic like instabilities. These instabilities occur when the phase velocity of a forward propagating ion-acoustic wave supported by one ion species become equal to the phase velocity of a backward propagating ion-acoustic wave supported by another ion species. This phenomenon is only possible when relative to the background plasma there are at least two streaming ion components.


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