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Ultrafast dynamics and dissociative ionization of CS2 molecules studied via the femtosecond pump-probe method

DOI: 10.1007/s11434-010-4325-7

Keywords: ultrafast dynamics,femtosecond,pump-probe,carbon disulfide

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The ultrafast dynamics and dissociative ionization of CS2 were studied using the pump-probe method with time-of-flight mass spectroscopy. The transient behavior of both parent ion (CS2 +) and fragment ions (S+ and CS+) was observed. It was found that all the ionic signals decay exponentially with lifetimes that were different for delay times, t>0 and t<0, which can be attributed to the evolution of different Rydberg states pumped by 267-nm and 400-nm laser pulses. The lifetimes of two Rydberg states were obtained simultaneously from one fitting of the transients. The fragment ions were produced by the dissociation of CS2 +, and it is suggested that the final ionic state is the C2Σg + state of CS2 + based on the measured S+/CS+ branching ratio. The S+/CS+ ratio is dependent on the delay time of the two lasers, indicating that the dissociation process of CS2 + is related to the evolution of the intermediate Rydberg state.


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