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Rapid solidification of acoustically levitated Al-Cu-Si eutectic alloy under laser irradiation

DOI: 10.1007/s11434-011-4403-5

Keywords: acoustic levitation,laser irradiation,rapid solidification,ternary eutectic,surface nucleation

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Al-27%Cu-5.3%Si ternary eutectic alloy was melted using a YAG laser and then solidified while being acoustically levitated. A maximum undercooling to 195 K (0.24 T L) was achieved with a cooling rate of 76 K/s. The solidification microstructure was composed of (Al+θ+Si) ternary eutectics and (Al+θ) pseudobinary eutectics. During acoustic levitation, the (Al+θ+Si) ternary eutectics are refined and the (Al+θ) pseudobinary eutectics have morphological diversity. On the surface of the alloys, surface oscillations and acoustic streaming promote the nucleation of the three eutectic phases and expedite the cooling process. This results in the refinement of the ternary eutectic microstructure. During experiments, the reflector decreases with increasing alloy temperature, and the levitation distance always exceeds the resonant distance. Because of the acoustic radiation pressure, the melted alloy was flattened, and deformation increases with increasing sound pressure. The maximum aspect ratio achieved was 6.64, corresponding to a sound pressure of 1.8×104 Pa.


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