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The propagation of seafloor spreading in the southwestern subbasin, South China Sea

DOI: 10.1007/s11434-012-5329-2

Keywords: Southwestern Subbasin,South China Sea,propagation of seafloor spreading,morphotectonics,tectonic divisions,dynamic mechanism

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On the basis of the summary of basic characteristics of propagation, the dynamic model of the tectonic evolution in the Southwestern Subbasin (SWSB), South China Sea (SCS), has been established through high resolution multi-beam swatch bathymetry and multi-channel seismic profiles, combined with magnetic anomaly analysis. Spreading propagates from NE to SW and shows a transition from steady seafloor spreading, to initial seafloor spreading, and to continental rifting in the southwest end. The spreading in SWSB (SCS) is tectonic dominated, with a series of phenomena of inhomogeneous tectonics and sedimentation.


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