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Position in the evolution of reproductive endocrine of amphioxus,Branchiostoma belcheri

DOI: 10.1007/BF02898905

Keywords: amphioxus (lancelet),Hatschek’s pit,reproductive endocrine,evolution,gonadotropin-releasing hormone,gonadotropin,sex steriod hormone

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This review summarizes the recent discoveries of many authors who found that in amphioxus Hatschek’s pit is capable of synthesizing vertebrate gonadotropin-like substance, and that the content of gonadotropin-releasing hormone in the amphioxus’ body shows a positive correlation with the reproductive cycle, and that the sex steroid hormone exists in gonads. Exogenous hormones could promote gonadal development, maturation and reproductive activity in amphioxus. A possible implication might be that the reproductive activity in amphioxus is regulated by reproductive hormones like vertebrate, indicating the existence of primitive reproductive endocrine regulatory axis, brain vesicle-Hatschek’s pit-gonads axis, as compared with regulatory axis of vertebrate. It will provide a new line for establishing the position of reproductive endocrine evolution in lancelet.


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