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Zircon U-Pb age of granitic gneiss on Duku highway in western Tianshan of China and its geological implications

DOI: 10.1007/BF02886044

Keywords: zircon U-Pb age,granitic gneiss,Duku highway,western Tianshan

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Granitic gneiss on Duku highway in western Tianshan has been dated by the U-Pb zircon method. When plotted on the concordia diagram, the results give linear data array and the upper intercept age of (882 ± 33)Ma, and the age was considered as the crystallization age of the protolith. Granitic gneiss has high ASI value (1.09), high LILE and LREE contents, significantly negative Eu depletion, distinctly negative Ba, Sr, P, Ti and Nb anomalies and indicate continental crust parentage, which is consistent with high initial87Sr/86Sr ratios value (0.7170) and very negative εNd(t)=-14.1. The protolith magma is interpreted as a product of partial melting of the basement rocks of older basement crust.


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