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Modeling and simulation of ion channels and action potentials in taste receptor cells

DOI: 10.1007/s11427-009-0138-9

Keywords: taste receptor cell,action potential,modeling and simulation,Na+ channel,delayed rectifier K+ channel

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Based on patch clamp data on the ionic currents of rat taste receptor cells, a mathematical model of mammalian taste receptor cells was constructed to simulate the action potentials of taste receptor cells and their corresponding ionic components, including voltage-gated Na+ currents and outward delayed rectifier K+ currents. Our simulations reproduced the action potentials of taste receptor cells in response to electrical stimuli or sour tastants. The kinetics of ion channels and their roles in action potentials of taste receptor cells were also analyzed. Our prototype model of single taste receptor cell and simulation results presented in this paper provide the basis for the further study of taste information processing in the gustatory system.


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