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Evaluación de ácido acético como fumigante de mosquita blanca Bemisia tabaci (Gennadious) en laboratorio y campo

Keywords: biofumigants volatile fatty acids, vegetal protection..

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the aim of this work was to assess the capacity of acetic acid (aa) like fumigant against bemisia tabaci (silverleaf whitefly) which is a pest of national importance. in laboratory, the bug was fumigated with three doses-time regimes: (both media), low dose-long time and high dose-short time. in field, squash leaves of four varieties were fumigated with 8, 16 and 32 μg ml-1 of aa during of 20, 40 and 60 min; additionally, it was assessed damage in foils (phytotoxicity) after fumigation. in laboratory, fumigation time > 15 min and 8μgml-1 of aa killed 100% of whitefly, while its survival was reduced 40% when fumigated eight hours with 2 μml-1 of aa; but control incubation (whitefly without fumigation) during ≥ 16 h also reduced its survival; meanwhile, with 8 and 16 μgml-1 of aa the pest survival was reduced since five minutes (~20-80%). in field, the whitefly survived ~ 40% in leaves of four varieties afterfumigating with aa(8-32 μg ml1)during20min, but pest practically did not survive when increasing fumigation time to 60 min. the leaves showed severe damage (phytotoxicity) > to 50% except in dose of 8μg ml-1 at 20 min with damage of - 20%. alternative to use of aa like fumigant are discussed.


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