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Ciudadanías y competencias ciudadanas

Keywords: multicultural citizenship, intercultural citizenship, democratic citizenship, citizen skills, political subjectivity.

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colombia is a country characterized by deep social conflicts, economic and political issues that affect the entire population, but in a particularly acute way to indigenous and afro-colombian ethnic groups, peasants and people in other circumstances of vulnerability. this article addresses these issues and sets out multicultural, intercultural land democratic citizenships as alternatives that may further expand the debate about the type of citizens needed not only within the framework of our local realities, but also from the reference of the global society that requires the necessary construction of political subjectivities from early ages. in the same sense, we consider the civic skills program promoted by the ministry of education, as a commitment to the training of citizens committed to a more harmonious coexistence and active participation in the public sphere, noting critically some gaps and limitations of this project.


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