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Caracterización fenotípica y molecular de cepas de Pasteurella multocida aisladas de exudado nasal de bovinos, en dos cuencas lecheras de México

Keywords: pasterurella multocida, capsular types, phenotypic characterization, molecular characterization, nasal exudate, cattle, pcr.

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two hundred and fifty strains of p. multocida isolated from nasal exudate were obtained, 182 clinically healthy bovine strains and 68 clinically ill with pneumonia bovine strains, from two dairy complexes, one in the tizayuca region of hidalgo state (n = 81), and another in the region lagunera of the states of coahuila and durango (n = 169), mexico. strains were identifed by conventional biochemical tests and api 20ne commercial system. capsular typing was performed by testing hyauloronidase and acrifavine, as well as by a multiplex pcr for amplification of genes hyac-hyad and dcbf. the overall results of hyaluronidase by the test showed that 90.4% (226/250) of the strains were capsular type a and through the acrifavine test 9.6% (24/250) was capsular type d. using the multiplex pcr, 92% (230/250) was capsular type a and 8% (20/250) was capsular type d. the comparison of results between biochemical tests and pcr are consistent in identifying strains of capsular type a but not with the capsular type d. it was possible to confrm that capsular type a of p. multocida is predominat in mexico.


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