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Avalia??o de a??es educativas sobre consumo de drogas e juventude: a práxis no trabalho e na vida

DOI: 10.1590/S1981-77462011000100004

Keywords: assessment of health programs and projects, education, drug users, youth.

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the aim of this article is to analyze how knowledge about drug abuse and youth has been incorporated into the social practices of workshop participants to drive discussion and awareness, and how they have become tools for workers in social institutions over the past three years. thirteen interviews were carried out based on a script with questions on: topics discussed and strategies used, contributions for personal and professional development, and problem situation analyses. the results show that the participants develop practices at work and in life that are characterized by their understanding of the intertwined network of causality in drug abuse, which involves reflections on drug commodification, problems arising from the criminalization and from the labor market. contemporary values and difficulties both family and school have come up against in the socialization process of young people were also addressed. in this sense, care was seen in composing discourses that do not blame the users. preference is given to an attitude of understanding and dialogue in the face of the problem situations posed. although discourses oscillate, between the hegemonic and critical forms of capturing the problem, one can see that the more general understanding refers to the complex system of psychoactive drug production, consumption, and distribution and to the search for enhanced social solutions for the issue. the social practices that are developed, however, showed the absence of public policies to face the matter


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