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Cultura de apices caulinares de Musa sp. var. Ma??: estabelecimento, micropropaga??o e enraizamento in vitro

DOI: 10.1590/S0103-90161995000200030

Keywords: banana, shoot tip apices, micropropagation, rooting.

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the response of banana shoot tips var. "ma??", were accessed for different micropropagation conditions such as media composition and explant type. shoot tip apices were extracted in five different ways. shoot tips without immature leaves with 0.7 cm in diameter and 1.0 cm in lenght, tended to produce a larger number of developing buds. the number of buds developed was higher in shoot tips grown in liquid media with agitation than in semi solid media. shoot tips grown in static liquid media had the lowest number of buds developed. the lowest concentration of the growth regulator bap to produce a higher number of buds was 5.0 mg.l-1. for rooting, the best concentration of naa and iba was 0.1 mg.l-1. this concentration rooted plants hi two weeks.


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