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Salud mental  2008 

Relación entre el consumo de tabaco, salud mental y malestares físicos en hombres trabajadores de una empresa textil mexicana

Keywords: smoked tobacco use, physical distress, mental health, workers.

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introduction tobacco use is considered a worldwide public health problem because of the amount of death and disease it causes. the who reports that 30% of the adult population in the world are cigarette smokers, and that nearly five million of these will die within one year. prospective studies performed by the who show that if current tobacco use continues, in 2020 there will be 8.4 million deaths due to tobacco-related diseases every year; seven out of 10 of these deaths will occur in emergent countries, like mexico. more than 53000 tobacco users die every year in mexico because of tobacco-related diseases, and at least 147 of these die daily. data from the national addictions survey (nas) 2002 showed that 26.4% of the people between 12 and 65 years old were active tobacco consumers; this amounted to nearly 14 million individuals. of these, 7.1% were under 18 years old. the number of tobacco consumers in mexico has increased from nine million in 1988 to 14 million in 2002. according to the nas, 52% of the users smoke on a daily basis, and 61.4% of them began smoking when they were minors. to know the actual consumption levels, it is important to consider some factors: the number of cigarettes a person smokes, the different situations where a person smokes, and the social and physical consequences of smoking. thus, it would be possible to develop a consumer classification (i. e. soft consumers, mild consumers, and hard consumers). there may be numerous causes for a person to be ill. when speaking about the harmful effects of tobacco use, the literature is clear in stating that these begin with the first cigarette smoked. however, it can take up to 30 years for a consumer to notice the damage on his health after his/her consumption began; but within the first ten years there are problems in lung function and in physical endurance. when a person starts smoking there are acute and unpleasant side effects that are rarely associated with smoked tobacco use. consumption


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