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Salud mental  2011 

Confiabilidad y validez de la escala de depresión CES-D en un censo de estudiantes de nivel medio superior y superior, en la Ciudad de México

Keywords: adolescents, ces-d scale, depression, students, validity instruments.

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introduction depression and its symptoms are becoming one of the most important health problems worldwide. the impact of depression on the productive life of people, and the burden it represents because of its co-morbidity, is growing. some authors estimate that depression is the second cause for the global loss of years of healthy life and the first one in developed countries. an increasing proportion of teenage population has mental health issues. depression and its symptoms are among the most common, but they are not an epidemic problem yet, although spread enough as to maintain interest in its current impact and in its negative consequences over individual health. depression has a prominent place among mood disorders in mexico (4.5%), and women are who mostly suffer it (5.8%), which has remained consistent over time. different difficult situations occur during adolescence along with depression, depressive mood, and depressive symptoms. this situation may be related to changes and processes that occur during this period when individuals cope with situations they cannot handle, which in turn become stressful. therefore, it is necessary to study and to work with adolescents in order to be able to differentiate affective, cognitive, somatic, and behavioral expressions, which are proper to this stage, from those possibly caused by an illness that could have negative consequences. adolescent depression influences mood and the way individuals live unpleasant or annoying experiences, thus it affects almost every aspect of life and becomes a risk factor for psychiatric and behavioral problems. however, there are some areas that need more research, for example: the specific characteristics and expressions of the problem including gender comparisons and using designs with special groups. data show that depression is growing in adolescents; therefore it is a priority to work on detection and prevention to reduce its impact on mental health and to develop cost-effective inte


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