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Histochemical aspects of reserves mobilization of Caesalpinia peltophoroides (Leguminosae) seeds during germination and seedlings early growth

DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622008000400005

Keywords: reserve materials, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, calcium oxalate.

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the objective of this study was to investigate reserve mobilization in caesalpinia peltophoroides seeds during germination and initial seedling growth. the variation in these compounds was analyzed from the pre-germination period (0 to 5 days after sowing - das) to the total cotyledon senescence and abscission at 35 das. for this histochemical tests were made on cotyledons fixed in faa50 or included in glycol-metacrylate. to follow the mobilization of the main reserve compounds, sudan iii was used to detect total lipids, xylidine ponceau to detect total proteins, lugol to detect starch and polarized light to visualize the crystals. the lipids, present in a great quantity in the cotyledon, gradually decreased in the period studied. a greater quantity of starch was observed on the 10th das than in the previous periods and it was totally consumed by 30 das. the distribution pattern and the morphology of the protein material were very modified by 10 das, a period during which it was intensely consumed, remaining only parietally fragments distributed, that practically disappeared at 25 das. the calcium oxalate druses were not consumed during the period studied, there was only crystal agglutination.


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