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Incidencia y sintomatología de cinco virus en parcelas comerciales de chile seco en Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosí y Zacatecas, México

Keywords: tmv, cmv, pepmov, pvy, presence.

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world-wide the chili pepper crop is affected by more than 60 viral diseases, although very little is known about them in the area of dry pepper plantation in northern-central mexico. consequently, the aims of this work were to identify the presence of the virus and the associated symptoms in commercial dry pepper fields of the states of zacatecas, san luis potosí, and aguascalientes, mexico. mirasol and ancho pepper plants were sampled and the presence of symptoms such as dwarfing, chlorosis, leaf deformation, defoliation, vascular necrosis and joined branches, were recorded. samples were analyzed using das-elisa with the antisera of the tobacco mosaic virus (tobacco mosaic virus: tmv), cucumber mosaic virus (cucumber mosaic virus: cmv), potato virus y (potato virus y: pvy), pepper mottle virus (pepper mottle virus: pepmov), and tobacco etch virus (tobacco etch virus: tev). these viruses were identified in pepper plants collected in dry pepper fields located in the three states mentioned earlier.


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