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El género fúngico Trichoderma y su relación con los contaminantes orgánicos e inorgánicos

Keywords: bioremediation, petroleum hydrocarbons, pesticides, heavy metals.

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the trichoderma fungal species have been fully characterized due to their application to agriculture since they are important antagonists for several horticultural plant pathogens. in contrast, the behavior and the effects of these fungi at contaminated soils have been scarcely studied. this review compiles updated information about the interactions among trichoderma species and organic (petroleum hydrocarbons, explosives, and pesticides) and inorganic (heavy metals and cyanide) pollutants in order to know their potential for remediating contaminated environments. nevertheless, for such purposes, it is needed further experimental research based on applying trichoderma species either to study their physiological, biochemical and molecular responses when exposed to several types of pollutants, or to assess their potential application into the several processes of bioremediation.


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