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Corre??o de hérnia abdominal com tela envolta por tecido fibroso: estudo em ratos Wistar

DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69912012000300006

Keywords: hernia, herniorrhaphy, prostheses and implants, surgical mesh, polypropylenes.

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objective: to assess the efficacy and complications of surgical repair of incisional hernias by grafting of polypropylene mesh surrounded by fibrous tissue, compared to polypropylene mesh. methods: twenty-five male and female wistar rats were divided into two groups: control and experimental. the 15 animals of the experimental group underwent implantation of the mesh in the subcutaneous tissue. after 21 days, the screen was removed and served to correct an induced abdominal hernia. the animals were euthanized after 21 days and submitted to macroscopic, microscopic and tension analises. the control group had undergone usual abdominal hernia repair with polypropylene mesh. results: there was a significant difference in macroscopic adhesions. the control group had a higher degree of adhesions when compared to the experiment ones (p = 0.003). we could not determine whether there were significant differences in tensile strength and microscopy. conclusion: the polypropylene mesh surrounded by fibrous tissue was effective in the correction of induced abdominal hernias, with a lower degree of macroscopic adhesions when compared to polypropylene mesh.


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