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Vinculación de la Universidad con el Sector Productivo Agropecuario

Keywords: evaluation, linking, productive sector, agricultural and livestock sector, university.

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in order to evaluate the linking process between the universidad nacional experimental "rafael maria baralt" (unermb) and requirement of the agricultural and livestock productive sector of the eastern coast of maracaibo lake (ecml) a study was developed through the agricultural research project (rap) and the extension agricultural subproject (eas) by covering the academic and linking aspects. the research design applied was a non experimental one, transectional type interview by using two survey questionnaires as instrument, one guided to the research unit and/or extension and the other one, to the agricultural and livestock sector. this study is justified at a reason of the researches development that causes solution alternatives to the agricultural and livestock problems that permit to linking to the university with the agricultural and livestock productive sector. likewise, the evaluation of the agriculture and livestock researches project of the researches program and of sub-project agricultural extension of the unermb, as a source generating of knowing that requires new technologies according to agro problems. the development of study permitted to have a vision of problems that confront the agricultural and livestock sector and of lacking of an integral technical assistance at a farm level, so the necessity of cooperation links university agricultural and livestock sector even when results shows linking initiatives by the university.


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