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Mercado potencial de subproductos derivados del quinchoncho (Cajanus cajan L. Millsp.) para consumo humano en Maracaibo

Keywords: cajanus cajan, leguminous, market, social class, perception.

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cajanus cajan (l.) millsp. is a leguminous with an ample adaptation, with low costs of production, the by-products are easy to prepare and very economic. the investigation was based on the way in which maracaibo inhabitants observed the products, and which was the grade of approbation, doing also a social and economic profile, by including other characteristics like sex, age and labor condition. the data was compiled by a poll that was taken on a sample of 384 subjects, on the 18 maracaibo parrish. the results showed three category of consumers: one consumer with a high grade of approbation, formed by 49%, one consumer with a medium grade of approbation, 26%, and other consumer with a low grade of approbation, 25%. it was obtained 5 social classes: class a, formed by 7%, class b, 13%, class c 37%, class d 39% and class e 4%. in the category of high grade of approbation of the by-product, the classes c and d were the most numerous with 77%, and these classes will be the potential market of the by-products. the profile of the high grade of approbation consumer is woman, below 44 years old with stable job, married and forming the classes c and d. the consumer with a medium grade of approbation can be man or woman, over 44 years old, with no job, married or single and forming the classes c and d. the consumer with a low grade of approbation is woman, with age between 44 and 64 years old, married and forming the classes c and d.


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