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Patronato de recluidas y liberadas de la Capital Federal

Keywords: assistance board, imprisoned women, women released from prison, delegates, delegates, social workers.

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the purpose of this work is to analyze the birth and development of the mentioned institution (assistance board for imprisoned and released women capital federal) from its foundation (1933) up to the moment of its dissolution (1982) analyzing depth procedures and obstacles that it had to sort out. we also analyzed and studied the tasks of assistance given to women released from prison, paying attention to the testimonies of the social workers, whose contribution determined the foundation of the school of social assistance. some accounts provided by the social workers were published in the reports, released every three months by that institution. those reports also included valuable articles about penitentiary and post imprisonment topics written by prestigious national and international jurists versed in penal law. they give us an accurate description of that context. the documents investigated were taken from the records of the ministry of justice and public instruction; from the psychiatry and criminology archives belonging to the penal and penitentiary journal, and from the reports provided by the assistance board for imprisoned and released women from buenos aires (capital federal). although their issue numbers are not correlative, they are a valuable written testimony about this important work of social defense.


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