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Instrumento de avalia??o do desenvolvimento de pré-escolares dos Centros de Educa??o e Alimenta??o do Pré-Escolar

DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89101981000700010

Keywords: preschool child [evaluation], child development, ceape program.

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selected items, with adequate sensibility to evaluate the eficacy of the ceape program with regard to the psycho-pedagogical development of preschool children were tested. these selected items together composed the "instrumento de avalia??o do desenvolvimento do pré-escolar - iadpe". the objective of this paper was to study statiscally the principal characteristics of that "instrument" evaluating its capacity of discrimination and comparing its results to those obtained on a "behavior scale" for preschoolers. the results show that the "instrument" correlated well with those of the "scale" and that it is a very useful and practical system for the evaluation of the psycho-pedagogical development of preschoolers.


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