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Estenosis duodenal por páncreas anular. Presentación de un caso esporádico

Keywords: duodenal stenosis, intestinal obstruction, annular pancreas.

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duodenal intestinal obstruction is frequent in newborn as a cause of occlusion, it can be complete (duodenal atresia), secondary to a disorder of revacuolization of the intestinal lumen, or due to an irregular rotation of pancreas towards theright of duodenum. a newborn with a gestational age of 35.4 weeks, apgar score of 8.8 who was born with signs of hypovolemic shock secondary to an acute anemia caused by chorion tear with an ischemic hypoxic encephalopathy, who subsequently deveoped a digestive intolerance with abundant gastric residue. an incomplete intestinal occluson was assessed - possibly as a result of a duodenal stenosis - simple abdominal x - rays was performed, supporting clinical suspicion because of the presence of a typical image in "double bubble". an exploratory laparatomy was carried out, finding in surgery a duodenal stenosis secondary to an annular pancreas. the patient was discharged from the hospital 45 days after being born with a good weight and as complication a gastroesophageal reflux of third degreee. currently the patient undergoes ambulatory-multidisciplinary follow-up, and is making a satisfactory progress.


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