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Algunas consideraciones teóricas acerca del tráfico de mujeres en el contexto de la globalización

Keywords: migration, human traffic, contraband, globalization.

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the objective of this paper is to describe some theoretical aspects related to the migration, trafficking and smuggling of people, particularly women. the study intends to explain the connections and disconnections among these social phenomena. trafficking as well as smuggling forms a part of migratory processes, which may occur with or without the immigrant?s consent. when it occurs without a person?s consent or through coercion it is called immigrant trafficking; on the other hand, when the movement occurs with the complete consent of an individual in order to enter a country illegally, it is called smuggling. the main purpose behind both of these activities is the same: the commerce of sex workers, the exploitation of people who are forced to perform work under conditions of slavery, among other activities, a situation which, to a certain point is the same in the case of the migration phenomenon when it occurs with or without a person?s consent.


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