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Depress?o, aspectos emocionais e sociais na vivência do aborto: compara??o entre duas capitais Brasileiras

DOI: 10.1590/S0104-42302011000600010

Keywords: abortion, induced, abortion, spontaneous, depression mental health.

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objective: to assess emotional and social aspects in the experience of abortion and the diagnosis of major depression, comparing women from two brazilian cities (s?o paulo - sp, natal - rn). methods: a transversal study was carried out from january 2009 to may 2010, through semi-directed interviews with women undergoing an abortion (up to 22 weeks gestation) treated at university hospitals in s?o paulo - sp (n = 166) and natal - rn (n = 150). the portuguese version of the primary care evaluation of mental disorders (prime-md) instrument was applied for the diagnosis of depression. results: there was no significant difference (p = 0.223) in the proportion of induced abortions when comparing the two capital cities: natal (7.3%) and s?o paulo (12.0%). the diagnosis of depression was high among women undergoing an abortion and was significantly higher in natal than in s?o paulo (50.7% vs. 32.5%, p < 0.01). regarding emotional aspects, there was no difference in the occurrence of guilt feelings (natal 27.7%; s?o paulo 23.3%; p = 0.447). the partner's involvement was considered satisfactory by women in similar proportions in the two capitals (natal 62.0%; s?o paulo 59.0%, p = 0.576). no difference was found in the proportion of women who reported violence, related or not to the abortion (natal 22.9%; s?o paulo 16.6%; p = 0.378). conclusion: although there was no difference between the emotional and social aspects in the comparison between the two capitals, there was a high proportion of women with major depression, more frequent in the city of natal than in s?o paulo, which demonstrates the importance of psychosocial support in the women's healthcare system.


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