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Adherencia e impacto de la dieta sin gluten en ni?os con enfermedad celíaca

DOI: 10.4067/S0370-41062011000300003

Keywords: celiac disease, gluten free diet, diet adherence.

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the treatment of celiac disease (cd) is a strict and permanent gluten-free diet (gfd). factors exist that influence adherence: motivation, information, costs, correct labeling and food availability. objectives: describe adherence and impact of gfd in children with cd. patients and methods: prospective descriptive study, through application of a 28 question survey to children 12-18 y.o. with the disorder, and parents of children 3-18 with the disease. results: median age: 10.5 years, 1.8 years at diagnosis. 62.5% women. adherence to treatment was seen in 42,5% of patients according to parents, 15% according to children > 12 yrs. vs 35% parents of children > 12 y.o. 80% of children state feeling no different on a diet, 70% find the diet hard to follow. 55% have difficulty following the diet, among them, 42,8% are not sure what they can eat, 51.5% state it creates financial distress in the family. about 55% believe it affects family life due to the following: 55% food limitation, 50% food preparation, 75% affect eating out, 35% affect traveling. 50% of parents have fed children a forbidden food, mainly at home (44%). information regarding gfd is obtained at the hospital (85%). there is 32.5% adherence to cd foundations. conclusions: gfd impacts children's lifestyle with difficulty in adherence and management.


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