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DOI: 10.4067/S0717-75262007000300008

Keywords: implantation, lectins, endometrialglycoproteins, oviductglycoproteins.

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background: several factors have been implied in the process of implantation, among them the presence of glicoproteins of the surface is the most outstanding. it has been showed in mice; among others; that the kind and quantity of sugars of surface varies according to the cycling reproductive period in which they are found, which it may suggest an important role of these variations in a major receptivity of the uterus to the blastocyst. objectives: it describes the surface carbohydrates of the female rabbit reproductive system making an analogy with the changes in the outer genitals, and with the different cycles of the reproductive period. method: in this study 15 the female rabbits were used which ovulated during coitus, and in which it could identify the cycling period found according the changes of the outer genitals, five had white vulva (low male receptivity and low index of pregnancy), five had them pink, and the other five had them red (high male receptivity and high index of pregnancy), it was studied variations of surface sugars in the oviduct, distal uterus, middle uterus and cervix of the rabbits represented by the degree of tinción of 5 different lectinas: eritrina cristagalli (ecl), dolichos biforus agglutinin (dba), ulex europaeus agglutinin (uea-1), pisum statibum agglutinin (psa), and artocarpus intergifolia (jacalin). results: it was found superiority of disaccharide n-acetylgalactosamine α 1-3 n- acetylgalactosamine (dba) in all periods and places of the reproductive system with the exception of the red vulva period in the middle uterus, where the β-galactose prevails (jacalin). the residues of manose/α glucose (psa), present in high reaction in the pink and red vulva periods the oviduct and distal uterus. the galactose (β1-4 n-acetyl glucosamine (ecl) and the l-fucose (uea-1) have a low level of expression in all places and periods. conclusion: the absence of disaccharide n-acetylgalactosamine α 1-3 n-acetylgalactosamine in the red vulva and the


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