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Un marco de referencia nuevo para la psiquiatría: la mente encuentra al cerebro. I. Los fundamentos científicos y humanos

DOI: 10.4067/S0717-92272002000400003

Keywords: mind and brain, philosophy of mind, biological framework, dasein's analysis.

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background. eric kandel′s "a new intellectual framework for psychiatry" and "biology and the future of psychoanalysis: a new intellectual framework for psychiatry revisited" are attempts to place psychiatry into the context of modern biology concerning the relationship of mind and brain. objective. in a two-part series, kandel′s interpretations of the nature of man and the academic psychiatry are reviewed. method. to inquire into the realm in which "mind and brain" originates, i.e., the project conceived beforehand that allows to take beings as objects for science. results. psychiatry encounters only what its kind of representation has admitted in advance as a possible object, i.e., i, subject, person, consciousness, man. even the metaphysical conception of man as a rational animal fails to take into account the relationship of man′s essence to being. it is this comprehension of being that most profoundly characterizes man for heidegger: the dasein (there-being). the essence of dasein lies in its existence. conclusions. psychiatry as a science always starts from presuppositions which psychiatry itself can never justify scientifically. psychiatry makes man appear only in that kind of objectivity which is constituted and maintained by the various scientific objectivations.


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