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El proyecto EMECAM: discusión de los resultados en las ciudades participantes

DOI: 10.1590/S1135-57271999000200021

Keywords: air pollution, mortality, multicenter study, time series.

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this article draws a comparison and provides a discussion of the findings resulting from the local analyses of the 14 cities participating in the emecam project. an analysis is made of the time series related to mortality, pollutants (particles in suspension, so2, no2, o3 and co), temperature and other factors taken from records of public institutions. by using poisson autoregressive regression, an estimate has been made of the short-term relationship between the number of deaths and the air pollution indicators in each one of the following cities: barcelona, metropolitan area of bilbao, cartagena, castellón, gijón, huelva, madrid, pamplona, seville, oviedo, valencia, vigo, vitoria and saragossa. the findings reveal the air pollution figures in our country to be similar to those of other european cities. the levels of the different pollutants point toward road traffic as being the main source of most of this pollution. a relationship has been found between the mortality and different pollutants in most cities, although the results are not homogeneous among the cities and show variability in the different causes under study. in some cities, especially in those having smaller populations, there have been no findings providing any evidence of a relationship, or the findings themseves are not highly consistent. the meta-analysis will provide estimates for all of the cities as a whole and will allow the possibility of making a more clear-cut assessment of the time lag impact of air pollution on the mortality. worthy of special mention is the participation in this project of public health officiers as actively-involved researchers.


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