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Análise toxicológica da fase I do exsudato extraído do fruto de Mangifera indica L.

Keywords: mangifera indica, spontaneous activity.

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introduction: the plants still represent an important source of raw material for making medicines. despite the large number of plant species in brazil, only a small portion has been adequately studied. mangifera indica l, a member of the brazilian flora, has important active substances in its various parts, although there is information in the literature on the effects of existing components in the exudate of the fruit peduncle, especially the spontaneous separation of phases. objective: evaluation of spontaneous responses in rattus novergicus albinus, adults under the influence of the hydrophilic fraction of the exudates from the stalk of the mangifera indica fruit. methods: the exudate obtained from the stalk of mangifera indica fruits specimens obtained from the campus ufrpe was provided. after a settling period of six days, four distinct phases were spontaneously seen. in phase one, after the separation and weighing processes, 0.5 ml aliquots were administered intraperitoneally in each animal, and the spontaneous activity was observed for 100 min. results: compared with the control group, suggestive behavioral responses were observed such as mandibular tremors, important variations in pulmonary ventilation rates, urination, tail supported at the surface, catatonia, retrograde movement, jaw movements, contraction of the muzzle, inertia to gait stimulation, difficult walking, hypnosis, abdominal contraction, piloerection on the tail, and analgesia. these responses presented characteristic time intervals for occurrence. there were no deaths. conclusions: the responses suggested that important physiological mechanisms are appropriately triggered when the animals are under the effects of the chemical constituents included in the first phase. based on further studies, mangifera indica l. hydrophilic exudate could allow obtaining important medical drugs.


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