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Electrocauterización de la membrana de Bowman para el tratamiento de la queratopatía bullosa dolorosa

Keywords: electrocoagulation, corneal diseases [surgery], corneal edema.

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the purpose of this paper is to evaluate the electrocauterization of bowman's membrane as a surgical alternative in the treatment of painful bullous keratopathy. 30 eyes from 30 patients who were diagnosed painful bullous keratopathy and had not improved with the habitual treatments were studied. age, sex, ethiology, time of evolution, epithelialization, complications and the symptomatic relief were taken as fundamental variables. data were manually tabulated, taking into account the number of patients. the psotsurgical bullous keratopathy (aphakic y pseudophakic) prevailed in 83.3 % of the patients. the most affected were those over 60 (63.3 %). no significant differences were found in relation to sex. the time of epithelialization was from 7 to 14 days in 93.3 % of the patients and complications were not severe and were only observed in 14 %. the relief of the symptoms was observed in 66.6 % during the first week of the postoperative. the electrocauterization of bowman's membrane is an efficient and simple method with satisfactory results in the treatment of painful bullous keratopathy


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