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Osteoporosis en mujeres premenopáusicas con bocio tóxico difuso

Keywords: osteoporosis, premenopause, bone mineral density.

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2 women in premenopausal stage diagnosed as diffuse toxic goiter and a control group including 54 healthy women were studied. it was observed that the mean age in group 1 was 35.7 years old, and that in group 2 was 35,29 years old. the mean age for the 106 patients was 35.29. bone mineral density was measured using a bone densitometer by ultrasound (us) of the calcaneus (sonot 2000 medison). it was evident that the number of cases without bone alteration was greater in the control group: 40 cases (74.0 %) versus 8 (15.4 %) of group 1. this group had the greatest percentage of cases with osteopenia (22 [42.3 %]), and osteoporosis (22 [42.3 %]). on using non-parametric studies, such as the range test with wilcoxon's signs, it was found that there is a significant difference between the initial and the final test, according to the results obtained with osteosonometry. osteosonometry was normal a year after treatment in 19 patients over the initial test. osteoporosis disappeared in 10 patients. it was observed that the 16 patients with hyperthyroidism on conducting the final study of osteosonometry, had osteopenia or steoporosis, whereas in the 25 euthyroid patients osteosonometry was normal. finally, 27 subjects had osteosonometry results within the normal range and 19 above the first study. among the subjects that were applied the treatment scheme 3, osteosonometry was normal in 15 of them. it was also the group with less osteoporotic patients (only 2), although in treatment 2, the response was fairly adequate, which was not so in treatment 1


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