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Implante percutáneo de células mononucleares de sangre periférica movilizadas con factor estimulante de colonias granulocíticas, en la osteoartrosis de rodilla. Primer caso comunicado en Cuba

Keywords: stem cells, mononuclear cells, degenerative lesions, osteoarthritis, knee.

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the degenerative joint disease, also known as osteoarthrosis affects to 10% of elderlies aged 60. it is mainly characterized by pain in the involved joint, crepitation, morning stiff and a progressive limitation of movement of that joint leading to a partial or total wear of articular cartilage. the treatment of the knee osteoarthrosis is a great challenge. the recent advances in use of regenerative medicine suggest that adult stem cells could represent a promisor alternative in the treatment of this entity. in a female patient aged 61 presenting with knee osteoarthrosis authors placed a percutaneous implant of autologous mononuclear cells mobilized to peripheral blood by granulocyte colony-stimulating factor achieving a fast clinical and radiological improvement. this result suggests that the procedure used is a feasible, simple, safe and less expensive method for treatment of articular degenerative lesions.


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