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Equipo cubano interdisciplinario de cirugía craneofacial en pediatría: Resultados de un quinquenio

Keywords: craniofacial surgery, cranial and maxillofacial congenital deformities, interdisciplinary craniofacial surgery staff.

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most of the craniofacial deformities are due to alterations of growth, development, traumata and neoplasms. to describe the integral surgical treatment of above deformities, a cross-sectional and descriptive study was conducted in 46 patients treated by the interdisciplinary staff of craniofacial surgery from the "juan manuel márquez" university children hospital from may, 2003 to march, 2007. the more frequent deformity was the craniosynostosis (57 %), specifically the plagiocephaly (17 %). most of patients were of white race (70 %) and were operated don between the first and the seventh year of life (57 %) for a mean of 6,3 years. generally there wasn't sex predominance. a total of 18 different surgical techniques were used. there were 5 complications during the postoperative period (11 %), a decease (2.2 %), a ophthalmoplegia (2.2 %), two cerebrospinal fluid leakage (4.4 %) and a desaturation by depression of respiratory center (2.2 %). with the exception of ophthalmoplegia there was a resolution of complications in a 15 days interval. results reported by this unique cuban staff are outstanding compared with international literature.


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