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Revista Ceres  2012 

Levantamento de moscas-das-frutas e seus parasitoides em citros, no município de Vi?osa, Minas Gerais

DOI: 10.1590/S0034-737X2012000600020

Keywords: tephritoidae, anastrepha fraterculus, infestation.

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fruit flies are responsible for large losses in commercial orchards in brazil, thus, it is important to know the predominant species in the region. the objective of this study was to study the occurrence of fruit flies (diptera: tephritoidae) and of their parasitoids in sweet orange (citrus sinensis l. osbeck), 'ponc?' mandarin (citrus reticulate blanco) and 'rio' tangerine (citrus deliciosa ten), in vi?osa, minas gerais. the fruits were collected in april 2008. in the laboratory, the fruits were stored in plastic boxes containing moist sand in a controlled environment, to obtain pupae. then, the pupae were counted, placed in glass bottles with fine sand and kept in an oven until adult emergence. only one species of fruit fly (anastrepha fraterculus (wiedemann, 1830) and one species of parasitoid (doryctobracon brasiliensis szépligeti) were identified. among the varieties, the sweet orange 'baianinha' showed the highest rate of infection and the lower were assigned to the 'rio' tangerine and 'ponc?' mandarin.


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