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Revista CEFAC  2009 

Estudo eletromiográfico da degluti??o na musculatura supra-hióidea em sujeitos Classe Ie III de Angle

DOI: 10.1590/S1516-18462009000700011

Keywords: deglutition, malocclusion, angle class iii, electromyography.

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purpose: to compare suprahyoid musculature's electric activity during swallowing in subjects with dissimilar morphological and dental patterns. methods: surface electromyography's records were taken from 32 healthy volunteers who do not have temporomandibular dysfunction, subdivided into two groups, angle's 16 class i subjects and 16 class iii subjects, males and females, aging from 18 to 25-year old. results: the values to root mens square (p< 0.05): original class i (15.238) e class iii (32.550); normalized by maximum peak class i (29.765) e class iii (42.094); normalized by medium class i (29.332) e class iii (42.327). cycle's active period (p<0.05) class i (29.7648) e class iii (42.0937); maximum activity instance (p>0.05) class i (47.6485) e class iii (47.9437). conclusion: class i subjects showed a smaller average amplitude, with increase and decrease of synchronized and balanced electric activity. class iii subjects showed a larger average amplitude and a larger desynchronized and unbalanced period during deglutition.


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