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Perdas de forragem em capim-Tanzania (Panicum maximum Jacq cv. Tanzania-1) manejado sob diferentes alturas sob pastejo

DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982001000200001

Keywords: senescent forage, litter, continuous stocking, ground cover.

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the experiment was conducted to evaluate, the forage losses and litter accumulation, in a pasture of tanzania grass (panicum maximun jacq cv. tanzania) managed in different sward height levels. the studied levels of sward heights (treatments) were: 29.8, 32.0, 47.1, 51.5, 57.9, 62.7, 72.6 and 80.0 cm, in a completely randomized design and two replications. the litter accumulation rate, litter accumulation and forage losses were similar in all heights. the percentage of senescent forage in the plant canopy was influenced on a quadratic way by the sward height levels. the results show that the litter accumulation and forage losses were high, with average dm of 38.9 kg/ and 2179 kg/ha of dm, respectively. due to the possibility to reduce the pasture persistence and plant structure deteriorate, it is not recommended to utilize tanzania grass pastures, in levels sward height near or equal of 20 and 80 cm, under continuous stocking rate.


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