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Efeitos da rela??o metionina + cistina: lisina sobre os desempenhos produtivo e econ?mico e a qualidade interna e externa dos ovos antes e após 28 dias de armazenamento

DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982006000600022

Keywords: amino acids, economic analysis, egg quality, performance.

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the effect of different methionine + cystine (met+cis):total lysine (lis) ratios on performance and egg quality for semi-heavily laying hens was evaluated. one hundred and twenty lohmann brown hens with 44 weeks old were allotted to a completely randomized design with with five replicates and four treatments, as follows: t1= 0.76 met+cys:total lys ratio or 0.70% of met+cys and 0.92% of total lys; t2 = 0.83 met+cys: total lis ratio or 0.71% of met+cys and 0.85% of total lys; t3 = 0.85 met+cys: total lys ratio or 0.64% of met+cys and 0.75% of total lys; t4 = 0.86 met+cys: total lys ratio or 0.70% of met+cys and 0.81% of total lys. the performance variables and economical analysis were evaluated from 44 to 56 weeks old. at the end of trial, ten eggs per treatment were collected ad stored during 28 days for evaluation of internal/external egg quality before and after storage. with the exception of egg mass, no treatment effect on feed intake, egg production, egg weight and egg:mass ratio and egg:dozen ratio and egg shell specific quality was observed. the met+cys:lys ratio of 0.76 or the estimate of 0.70% of total met+cys and 0.92% of total lys can be recommended for the feeding of semiheavily laying hens. it was concluded that the storage affect internal egg quality.


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