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Valores de aminoácidos digestíveis de alimentos para aves

DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982010000600014

Keywords: digestibility, coefficient, feed, roosters.

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this experiment was carried out to determine the values of the real digestibility coefficients of amino acids by using the method of "forced feed" with cecectomized roosters. the studied food were the following: rice bran, whole rice meal, corn, sorghum, wheat bran, soybean meal, cotton meal 28%, cotton meal 38%, yeast sugar cane 43% and yeast sugar cane 40%. the mean values of real digestibility coefficients of essential and non-essential amino acids were, in percentage, the following: for rice bran, 77.53 and 67.21; for rice meal, 73.33 and 52.54; for corn, 84.65 and 74.42; for sorghum, 84.48 and 67.29; for wheat bran, 70.75 and 48.55; for soybean meal, 89.37 and 85.22; for cotton meal 28%, 74.85 and 74.13; for cotton meal 38%, 77.50 and 72.46; for yeast sugar cane 43%, 49.16 and 48.63; and yeast sugar cane 40%, 46.03 and 38.88. the values of the coefficients of real digestibility of essential and nonessential amino acids of feedstuffs studied allow to formulate more efficient rations for birds.


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